Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Let me tell you about Angel and Prince my American Eskimo dogs

I have two American Eskimo dogs, and they are the greatest joys for me and my family. They are always happy when we get home, no matter if it is one person or all of us that come home at the same time. Their bright shining eyes, the kind of smile on their face, the barking hello, and their jumping up and down with enthusiasm, all let you know how happy they are to see you.
The American Eskimo dog, Eskie for short, is a Nordic type dog, always white, or white with biscuit cream. Prince and Angel are both white, most of the time, boy can they get dirty, but the both cleanup pretty easy. I have not had a problem bathing them myself or taking them to a groomer. If you leave them alone and dirty they will usually clean their selves up. I do not know how they reach all of their body the way they do, but they get their selves clean.
Their eyes are medium, oval in shape but not slanted. Eyes are dark to medium brown and set well apart, giving an intelligent expression. Eye rims are black to dark brown. Even their eye lashes are white. The ears are set well apart, and are triangular, slightly rounded at the tips, and held erect.
The white double coat consists of a short dense undercoat, with a longer guard hair growing through it forming the outer coat. Some of the hair they shed looks like pieces of cotton, you can usually pick it up pretty easy, but some of the hair they shed is just long single pieces of hair and it is not as easy to pick up. Their thick long haired tails are carried curl on their back, Prince’s tail is fuller than Angel’s, but they both carry their tail curled up on their back.
With its alert, smooth carriage, the American Eskimo presents a picture of natural beauty, alertness, strength, and agility and that describes both Prince and Angel. Prince and Angel are the sweetest dogs any one could ask for. They get along good with the other dogs my family has and also with other dogs in the neighborhood.
Next time I will be writing about the companionship of an American Eskimo dog.

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