Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prince is turning a year old tomorrow, and it will be 10 months tomorrow that he had been a member of our family. I have seen quite a few changes in that time. He is just so lovable, and a big ball of fur with his tail curled up on his back.
Prince does not like to have me trim his nails, but the groomers said they do not have a problem with it. I have tried different types of trimmers and so far no luck. He does not like the pedicure that is advertised on television. I even tried the trimmers that would let me know when it was okay to clip, not luck there either.
Angel does not mind the pedicure and maybe it is easier to trim her nails because she is smaller. I do believe she is just starting to come in heat, so Prince has been put in a pen outside for the next three weeks. I feel bad about putting him out there but I have not choice at the moment. I could not put Angel out there because of other dogs in the neighborhood.
If there is a better way to trim Prince’s nails I sure would love to find it.

Monday, September 8, 2008

American Eskimos and training

Angel and Prince are like most American Eskimo dogs, they have been pretty good at training. I got Prince first and we went through a puppy training class at Petsmart. That was mostly just the basis. I have tried to keep it going with Prince, reinforcing his lessons. Also, I have used the same lessons Prince and I where taught to use with Angel. I also have my sons Blue Heeler in the house and have being using the lessons with him also. It has not been easy at times with all three wanting to practice and get treats at the same time.American Eskimo Dogs along with other Spitzen were bred to be companion dogs, and thrive on being a part of a human family. Their history as a small general-purpose and a farm dog means that they are generally highly intelligent, trainable, and moderately independent. At home, they make excellent watchdogs, barking to announce the presence of strangers. The Eskie can be protective of its home and family, but in general they will not threaten to attack or bite a person unless provoked. As with all dogs, temperament is partially inherited and partially trained. Some dogs are prone to excessive barking and separation anxiety. I have not had a problem with Prince or Angel barking excessively.

Angel and Prince bonding with the family

Angel and Prince are both great dogs. They love the whole family. Angel is especially close to me. For the time being I am at home most days with her and we have really bonded. When my family is at home she is normally right with me. She has gotten closer to my husband over the last couple of months, since he has been home more. If anyone goes outside she is ready to go; it doesn't matter who is going outside as long as it is outside. I have only had Angel for five months, but it is hard to remember life before Angel.Prince is just wonderful, he is close to me as well as the rest of the family. He always has quite a few eskie hugs for any of us. He just wants to protect us and love us. I could not ask for a better dog.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Grooming Prince and Angel

When it comes to grooming Angel, she stays in the house most of the time, so she gets a bath at least once a week. If she gets dirty when she goes outside to play she may get a bath every few days. It really verifies depending on what all she gets into. She stands in the bath tub for me to bathe her most of the time. She will put her paws on the edge of the tub wanting out, but if I grab her collar she will get down. For the summer I had her clipped, so her coat is short and I do not have much to do except bathe her. During the winter months I comb her once or twice a week, plus bathing her.
Prince is inside and outside about the same amount of time. He usually gets a bathe once a week also. Prince will lie down in the tub for me to bathe him, or he will stand under the running water while I rub him down so that he gets completely wet. His coat is so thick I have to run my hands down it so the water will get all the way through. I brush him once or twice a week usually also in the winter. He has been clipped also.
Most places you check for information on how to groom an American Eskimo will give you the following information. When it comes to grooming, the needs of the American Eskimo Dog can vary depending on the time of year. During the times when his shedding is at its heaviest you will need to brush his coat on a daily basis. However, at other times of the year brushing around twice a week should suffice. You may also need to bathe your American Eskimo Dog perhaps on a monthly basis. I have noticed that all dogs are different even if they are the same breed, so many will have different needs for grooming. Angel gets more grooming than Prince does probably because she spends more time in the house, but some of the reason for that is that she is a different dog than Prince.

Monday, July 14, 2008

American Eskimo Dogs are Great Protectors

Prince and Angel are still puppies, but when someone comes to the house they will get between the guest and me. They are still so small, but they want to make sure that I am okay. I do believe they would do anything to protect me. I know they love me, but when they try to protect me I realize just how much they love me.
The American Eskimo dog is a great protector. When people own an American Eskimo dog they have a wonderful protector for the family. The dogs are usually one person dogs, but they will protect the whole family. Children especially are well protected with the American Eskimo dogs. The only problem with that is; that it can make it hard to discipline your children. The good thing about that is that they will not let anyone hurt your child. I feel save with children around my American Eskimo dogs.
Most people would not think of an American Eskimo dog as a protector because of their size. They maybe be small dogs but they are great protectors.