Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prince is turning a year old tomorrow, and it will be 10 months tomorrow that he had been a member of our family. I have seen quite a few changes in that time. He is just so lovable, and a big ball of fur with his tail curled up on his back.
Prince does not like to have me trim his nails, but the groomers said they do not have a problem with it. I have tried different types of trimmers and so far no luck. He does not like the pedicure that is advertised on television. I even tried the trimmers that would let me know when it was okay to clip, not luck there either.
Angel does not mind the pedicure and maybe it is easier to trim her nails because she is smaller. I do believe she is just starting to come in heat, so Prince has been put in a pen outside for the next three weeks. I feel bad about putting him out there but I have not choice at the moment. I could not put Angel out there because of other dogs in the neighborhood.
If there is a better way to trim Prince’s nails I sure would love to find it.

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