Monday, September 8, 2008

American Eskimos and training

Angel and Prince are like most American Eskimo dogs, they have been pretty good at training. I got Prince first and we went through a puppy training class at Petsmart. That was mostly just the basis. I have tried to keep it going with Prince, reinforcing his lessons. Also, I have used the same lessons Prince and I where taught to use with Angel. I also have my sons Blue Heeler in the house and have being using the lessons with him also. It has not been easy at times with all three wanting to practice and get treats at the same time.American Eskimo Dogs along with other Spitzen were bred to be companion dogs, and thrive on being a part of a human family. Their history as a small general-purpose and a farm dog means that they are generally highly intelligent, trainable, and moderately independent. At home, they make excellent watchdogs, barking to announce the presence of strangers. The Eskie can be protective of its home and family, but in general they will not threaten to attack or bite a person unless provoked. As with all dogs, temperament is partially inherited and partially trained. Some dogs are prone to excessive barking and separation anxiety. I have not had a problem with Prince or Angel barking excessively.

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