Monday, July 21, 2008

Grooming Prince and Angel

When it comes to grooming Angel, she stays in the house most of the time, so she gets a bath at least once a week. If she gets dirty when she goes outside to play she may get a bath every few days. It really verifies depending on what all she gets into. She stands in the bath tub for me to bathe her most of the time. She will put her paws on the edge of the tub wanting out, but if I grab her collar she will get down. For the summer I had her clipped, so her coat is short and I do not have much to do except bathe her. During the winter months I comb her once or twice a week, plus bathing her.
Prince is inside and outside about the same amount of time. He usually gets a bathe once a week also. Prince will lie down in the tub for me to bathe him, or he will stand under the running water while I rub him down so that he gets completely wet. His coat is so thick I have to run my hands down it so the water will get all the way through. I brush him once or twice a week usually also in the winter. He has been clipped also.
Most places you check for information on how to groom an American Eskimo will give you the following information. When it comes to grooming, the needs of the American Eskimo Dog can vary depending on the time of year. During the times when his shedding is at its heaviest you will need to brush his coat on a daily basis. However, at other times of the year brushing around twice a week should suffice. You may also need to bathe your American Eskimo Dog perhaps on a monthly basis. I have noticed that all dogs are different even if they are the same breed, so many will have different needs for grooming. Angel gets more grooming than Prince does probably because she spends more time in the house, but some of the reason for that is that she is a different dog than Prince.

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