Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Prince and Angel my constant companions

Prince and Angel are the best pets a person could ask for. They keep me company whether I am inside or outside. If I am outside they are always at my side, they make every step I make. They are not only companions, but protectors also. If I am in my chair inside the house they are laying at my feet, if not lying in my lap. If I leave the room they get up and follow me. If I go into my bedroom and leave them in the other room, they lie down at my door and wait on me to come back out. When I do come out they are just so happy to see me, like I have been gone for hours, or days instead of a few minutes.

I have their crates in my bedroom, so at night I just ask them who is ready for bed. They head straight to the bedroom door, ready to go in and get in their crates. Most nights they sleep straight through, I would say. Even though any time I get up and check on them Prince is awake. I am not sure if my getting up wakes him up or if he just doesn’t sleep much. In the mornings they are more than ready to go outside, but when I go to the door to get them to come back inside they come right away.

We live on almost six acres of land so I can let them outside to exercise without me having to be right there on top of them. Most of the land is wooded so they don’t usually go off to far, mostly stay in the yard. If I go outside when they are out playing they come running when they hear the door open. They are just so happy to be outside running and playing, but don’t mind coming in when I say it is time to come inside. Well, more next time.

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