Monday, July 14, 2008

American Eskimo Dogs are Great Protectors

Prince and Angel are still puppies, but when someone comes to the house they will get between the guest and me. They are still so small, but they want to make sure that I am okay. I do believe they would do anything to protect me. I know they love me, but when they try to protect me I realize just how much they love me.
The American Eskimo dog is a great protector. When people own an American Eskimo dog they have a wonderful protector for the family. The dogs are usually one person dogs, but they will protect the whole family. Children especially are well protected with the American Eskimo dogs. The only problem with that is; that it can make it hard to discipline your children. The good thing about that is that they will not let anyone hurt your child. I feel save with children around my American Eskimo dogs.
Most people would not think of an American Eskimo dog as a protector because of their size. They maybe be small dogs but they are great protectors.

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